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Cable Prep

Specialise in the supply of Terminal Crimping and Cable Processing Production Equipment, with many years of experience in the manufacturing industry where the handling and terminating of cable is involved. Products range from simple manually operated machines through to fully automated cable processing production systems incorporating cable dereeling, prefeeding, cable cutting, stripping, cable identification, terminating, collecting, marking, process monitoring and rectification if so desired.

Being well established and highly experienced in this field representing manufacturers equipments such as: Schafer, Kirsten, Castings / Kodera, Ulmer, Gamma, Rittmeyer, Gettig, plus several others the Organisation prides itself in offering correct solutions to meet customers needs by offering quality equipment that meets production requirements.

The company is located in Rustington, West Sussex where it has a facility containing a demonstration area exhibiting its comprehensive range of terminal crimping and Cable Preparation Products, and offices accommodating, service and sales personnel.

We are pleased to assist you in selecting from our comprehensive range of equipments which accommodates for all levels of production.

Cutting Cable to Length
Up to 120sq.mm. 40mm dia or 150mm wide

Stripping Cable
Up to 25mm dia to 500mm in length

Terminal Crimping
Either Banded or Loose Piece Type Terminals
Uninsulated and pre Insulated type Terminals
MIL Specification Production Equipment
Up to 10 tonnes standard

Cutting and Stripping Cable to Length
Single Core, Multi Core, Coaxial and Ribbon type Cables
Up to 20mm dia. 40sq.mm. cross section

Stripping & Terminating
Either Banded or Loose Piece Type Terminals
Weatherseal Assembly & Terminating

Cutting to Length, Stripping & Terminating
Either Banded or Loose Piece Type Terminals
Uninsulated and or Pre insulated type Terminals
Weatherseal Assembly & Terminating
Twisting and Tinning Operation
Housing Assembly

Fully Automated Cable Processing Machines
Specially designed to meet specific requirements

Further Equipments Include

  • Cable Marking and Labelling
  • Monitoring the Terminal Crimping Operation
  • Dereeling & Rereeling Cable
  • Coiling Cable
  • Collecting and Bundling Cable in Straight Lengths

For further information or a demonstration please do not hesitate to contact us using the information below

Postal Address
24 Jervis Avenue
West Sussex
BN16 2AR
+44 (0)1903 419553
+44 (0)1903 419553
Electronic Mail
B. Miles (Director): b.miles@crimptech.co.uk
J.Miles (Director): j.miles@crimptech.co.uk
Customer Enquiries: enquiries@crimptech.co.uk
Sales: sales@crimptech.co.uk
WebMaster: WebMaster@argyre.co.uk