Crimptech National Ltd. Trading as Cableprep has been established since 1996, trading from West Sussex specialising in the supply of Cable Preparation Equipment to companies of all sizes.

Having been in the industry in excess of forty years, our personnel have a wide understanding and knowledge of modern production requirements and methods. The director was personally employed in the 1980's as the Chief Production Engineer of a large, highly productive manufacturing company, and has a real "hands on" level of experience and understanding of manufacturing requirements and commitments, providing a full understanding of customer's needs. This has often resulted in standard production machinery being modified, by the manufacturer, resulting in a system that will meet the customers exact requirements.

We have considerable experience working with companies manufacturing their own products such as electrical and electronic goods, including cabinet wiring for control systems, as well as subcontracting companies such as cable harness manufacturers in the telecom, white and grey goods industries as well as in the automotive, caravan and motorhome leisure industries.

We have had considerable experience in the following industries :-

- Electronic and Engineering
- Air conditioning
- Security
- Aircraft
- Automotive
- Caravan / Motorhome
- Lift manufacturing
- Fibre Optics
- White Goods – Washing Machines / Dryers, Dishwashers, Microwave
- Grey Goods – Computers, Printers, Copiers, Fax, Telephone
- Telecom
- Test Equipment

With the everyday increasing demands in technology to meet the modern day customer's requirements, complex and indepth solutions are sometimes required to which we endeavour to meet, having previously succeeded in the Aircraft industry where we have provided bespoke production systems built up from a number of excellent quality well proven production machines providing the customer with a very reliable manufacturing system.

  • The hose cutting machine SSM60 is suitable to cut closed and slitted corrugated tube, PVC, rubber hose as well as further types of hoses with an outer diameter of up to 60 mm. Due to the applied guillotine-cut ( blade is fixed in a 45°-angle), a precise cutting angle as well as a high cutting quality is achieved.

  • The heat-shrinkable tube cutting machine SSM800 has been designed to cut to length large-sized shrinkable tubes in line with expanding systems. Shrinkable tubes with a width (when flat) of up to 800 mm can be processed.

  • The Gamma T20 Crimping Press with a heavy duty base plate, The main Shaft is supported by two conical bearings for reliability and extended life. The CSM Cable Stripping Module is manufactured for both the T20 and T25 and be be supplied as a stripping and crimping machine or retrofitted to an existing crimping press. This offers accurate, quality cable...

  • The cutting machine SM15 2PT enables the user to save product data and offers the convenient and secure reproduction of items. The wide scope of options allows the universal application in all areas. Medical products can be processed as well as products for the automotive sector. Special applications can also be supplied.

  • For many years we build pneumatic hot stamping marking devices. They are used for one or both sides printing of cables, wires and hoses or comparable materials. It can text or images, colored markers are printed as rings or bars or even custom designs. The procedure is safe and environmentally friendly.  

  • COMPACT MACHINE shows power even for multi kind and small-lot production"C370A" corresponds to for an extensive range of wire such as AWG#32 to #10.This machine is versatile.

  • This range of coilers is ideal for reeling into hanks cable or tubing from reels, loose fed or from acutting machine or via the 1420 Measuring Meter.

  • Full Automatic Double End Crimping UnitThe machine can process 12,000 wires per hour.The machine has "cross roller unit" for eliminating the winding fixture and "crimp force monitor" for quality control  which comes standard.This machine contributes to reducing running cost.