Crimptech National Ltd. Trading as Cableprep has been established since 1996, trading from West Sussex specialising in the supply of Cable Preparation Equipment to companies of all sizes.

Having been in the industry in excess of forty years, our personnel have a wide understanding and knowledge of modern production requirements and methods. The director was personally employed in the 1980's as the Chief Production Engineer of a large, highly productive manufacturing company, and has a real "hands on" level of experience and understanding of manufacturing requirements and commitments, providing a full understanding of customer's needs. This has often resulted in standard production machinery being modified, by the manufacturer, resulting in a system that will meet the customers exact requirements.

We have considerable experience working with companies manufacturing their own products such as electrical and electronic goods, including cabinet wiring for control systems, as well as subcontracting companies such as cable harness manufacturers in the telecom, white and grey goods industries as well as in the automotive, caravan and motorhome leisure industries.

We have had considerable experience in the following industries :-

- Electronic and Engineering
- Air conditioning
- Security
- Aircraft
- Automotive
- Caravan / Motorhome
- Lift manufacturing
- Fibre Optics
- White Goods – Washing Machines / Dryers, Dishwashers, Microwave
- Grey Goods – Computers, Printers, Copiers, Fax, Telephone
- Telecom
- Test Equipment

With the everyday increasing demands in technology to meet the modern day customer's requirements, complex and indepth solutions are sometimes required to which we endeavour to meet, having previously succeeded in the Aircraft industry where we have provided bespoke production systems built up from a number of excellent quality well proven production machines providing the customer with a very reliable manufacturing system.

  • Coax shielding cutting device     Braidings trimmed neatly and accurately    Easy to use    Robust for an industrial environment    Even for braidings of non-round wires    Damage of layers under the braiding not possible    BERI.CO.CUT cuts shieldings and braidings reliably and accurate    Effortless work for pneumatic assistance    Start cutting through...

  • Kirsten K700 the ALL ELECTRIC solution to cable stripping and crimping machines using the industry standard 40mm stroke applicator. The machine cycle is initiated by the insertion of the cable cut end accommodating very short stripping lengths for close applications.

  • The extremely reliable and solid universal cutting machines of the SM15-series has been designed to process a wide range of different materials. By use of the appropriate accessories, materials such as PVC hoses, textile tubes, rubber, cable, ribbon cables, wire, strands, ropes, felt materials, foils, textiles, leather, materials of the medical field and...

  • Introducing the new KS - T922 Pneumatic Copper Tape Splicing Machine. This splicing machine provides an advanced method for producing low cost, high reliability connections. The KS-T922 Wire Splicing Machine is able to cut, form and crimp the copper tape in one motion with no wasted material.

  • The cleaning of wires and cables during process of production is becoming increasingly important – that’s why we have developed the BERI.CO.CLEAN. In particular, coaxial and high-voltage cables for electric and hybrid vehicles must be clean. Even the smallest metal particles, which are generated during the stripping works, may result in subsequent...

  • The ST730 meets all the requirements for a flexible wire processing machine. Challenging stripping of coax- or triaxial cable is a breeze for the ST730 to handle. Of course, multi-conductor cable or single wire with special insulation such as Kapton or Teflon can also be processed.

  • The stripping of stranded wires and the simultaneous twisting is one of the frequent work on thin lines. Our AV.TWIST.15 – machine is specifically designed – it works with rotating blades. Stripping and twisting machine Outer diameter up to 0.18“ (4,5 mm) Stripping length from 0.06“ (1,5 mm) up to 0.60” (15,0 mm)

  • The motor driven and fully synchronized cable coiler DTW400 has been developed for the in-line production with cutting machines and stripping units.