Crimptech National Ltd. Trading as Cableprep has been established since 1996, trading from West Sussex specialising in the supply of Cable Preparation Equipment to companies of all sizes.

Having been in the industry in excess of forty years, our personnel have a wide understanding and knowledge of modern production requirements and methods. The director was personally employed in the 1980's as the Chief Production Engineer of a large, highly productive manufacturing company, and has a real "hands on" level of experience and understanding of manufacturing requirements and commitments, providing a full understanding of customer's needs. This has often resulted in standard production machinery being modified, by the manufacturer, resulting in a system that will meet the customers exact requirements.

We have considerable experience working with companies manufacturing their own products such as electrical and electronic goods, including cabinet wiring for control systems, as well as subcontracting companies such as cable harness manufacturers in the telecom, white and grey goods industries as well as in the automotive, caravan and motorhome leisure industries.

We have had considerable experience in the following industries :-

- Electronic and Engineering
- Air conditioning
- Security
- Aircraft
- Automotive
- Caravan / Motorhome
- Lift manufacturing
- Fibre Optics
- White Goods – Washing Machines / Dryers, Dishwashers, Microwave
- Grey Goods – Computers, Printers, Copiers, Fax, Telephone
- Telecom
- Test Equipment

With the everyday increasing demands in technology to meet the modern day customer's requirements, complex and indepth solutions are sometimes required to which we endeavour to meet, having previously succeeded in the Aircraft industry where we have provided bespoke production systems built up from a number of excellent quality well proven production machines providing the customer with a very reliable manufacturing system.

  • The first wire stripping machines worked pneumatically. This had and still has a lot of advantages. Apart from low operating and production costs, pneumatically driven machines can generate considerable forces, so that thicker lines with very hard insulating layers can be stripped.In addition, pneumatic wire stripping machines are very flexible. They can...

  • Pneumatic stripping machinefor cables with very hard insulations Outer diameter     from 0.04“ (1,0 mm) up to 1.38” (35,0 mm)Flat cable     up to 1.38“ (35,0 mm) widthStripping length     up to 4.73” (120,0 mm)Partial stroke     up to 9.06“ (230,0 mm) Variants     with pneumatic sensor                 with light barrier

  • The compact sized pre-feeder ZG200 B2 has been designed to deliver materials such as cords, hoses, bands, ribbon cables etc. to cutting-, stripping- and punching machines.

  • The unwinder ARG650 S is a compact and powerful unit, designed to unwind coils with a flange diameter of up to 650 mm. Due to the integrated cable storage, wire can be fed – with only a low back pull – into the manufacturing process. If required, the cable storage can additionally be charged with further weights. The large safety door allows a comfortable...

  • WDT AVG 0160 is a bench mounted strip and twist machine with interchangeable collets allowing for extremely quick changeover time between up to 8 cable settings. The adjustable collet also controls the depth of the rotary stripping blades so that by simply rotating the turret head will change the stripping settings to a different cable.

  • This prefeeder will dispense wire to demand so it can operate alongside any other wire processing machinery. TheModel CCB3000 Motorised wire feeder is belt fed so maintenance is easy and trouble free with very low costs for consumables. The drive belts can be changed over with the use of only 2 allen keys which are provided with the unit and takes a...

  • The Evo Twist (FE-TWX) Wire Twister is an electrically operated unit for the manufacture of twisted cables in pairs, triples etc. Operation is simple by selecting the number of twists per length required on the LED display and inserting the work piece to be twisted into the special clamping assembly.

  • The unwinder ARG is designed to unwind hose coils such as corrugated tubes, hydraulic and compressed air tube as well as similar material of up to 30 kg coil weight. The ARG is also applicable for light wire harnesses.