Crimptech National Ltd. Trading as Cableprep has been established since 1996, trading from West Sussex specialising in the supply of Cable Preparation Equipment to companies of all sizes.

Having been in the industry in excess of forty years, our personnel have a wide understanding and knowledge of modern production requirements and methods. The director was personally employed in the 1980's as the Chief Production Engineer of a large, highly productive manufacturing company, and has a real "hands on" level of experience and understanding of manufacturing requirements and commitments, providing a full understanding of customer's needs. This has often resulted in standard production machinery being modified, by the manufacturer, resulting in a system that will meet the customers exact requirements.

We have considerable experience working with companies manufacturing their own products such as electrical and electronic goods, including cabinet wiring for control systems, as well as subcontracting companies such as cable harness manufacturers in the telecom, white and grey goods industries as well as in the automotive, caravan and motorhome leisure industries.

We have had considerable experience in the following industries :-

- Electronic and Engineering
- Air conditioning
- Security
- Aircraft
- Automotive
- Caravan / Motorhome
- Lift manufacturing
- Fibre Optics
- White Goods – Washing Machines / Dryers, Dishwashers, Microwave
- Grey Goods – Computers, Printers, Copiers, Fax, Telephone
- Telecom
- Test Equipment

With the everyday increasing demands in technology to meet the modern day customer's requirements, complex and indepth solutions are sometimes required to which we endeavour to meet, having previously succeeded in the Aircraft industry where we have provided bespoke production systems built up from a number of excellent quality well proven production machines providing the customer with a very reliable manufacturing system.

  • Electric wire stripping machines are versatile and can be used at places as well, where no other sources of energy – such as compressed air – are available (home offices, etc.).Of course, also a lot of other be-ri stripping machines work with electric motor drives – please have a look around on our site or ask, if you need further informations about our...

  • Cut tubes to length quickly and precisely    Precise, straight cut    Easy and safe to handle    Light weight allows easy transportation    Simple and quick input due to clear graphic display and control panel    Enhanced measurement accuracy due to independent measuring system.   

  • The CS2000 is a robust bench mounted, hand operated Lever Wire Stripper designed to strip many kinds of extruded insulation including PVC, Polythene, Rubber and Nylon. A large selection of standard blades are available and specific blade sizes can be manufactured to order. A cable length stop and cable rest plus a simple set up procedure ensures accurate...

  • Coaxial-cable stripping machineouter diameter     up to 0.36“ (9,0 mm)stripping length     up to 1.58“ (40,0 mm) ** [1.47” (37,4 mm) with foot-switch]   

  • The feeding unit ZG200 B2SP is suitable for the processing of cable, wire and tubes with a max. diameter of 12.0mm. The cables have to be flexible as well as suitable for the running wheel diameter of 160mm. The material is feeded via two synchronically running coated conveyor belts. In conjunction with the upper belt limiter, all materials can be...

  • This machine is inherited the performance of CASTUGNON C551 and has achieved ultimate cost performance.It includes "Digital Crimper" and "Crimp Force Monitor" as standard equipment.CASTUGNON C511 is main machine of C51X series.High basic performance is same as C551S.

  • The extremely reliable and solid universal cutting machines of the SM15-series has been designed to process a wide range of different materials. By use of the appropriate accessories, materials such as PVC hoses, textile tubes, rubber, cable, ribbon cables, wire, strands, ropes, felt materials, foils, textiles, leather, materials of the medical field and...

  • All electric cable / Tube Cutting Machine with microprocessor control. Designed to efficiently cut round cables up to 10 dia. Flat cables up to 120mm wide.