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  • The ST730 meets all the requirements for a flexible wire processing machine. Challenging stripping of coax- or triaxial cable is a breeze for the ST730 to handle. Of course, multi-conductor cable or single wire with special insulation such as Kapton or Teflon can also be processed.

  • The FE0400 Stripbox  Wire  Stripper  is  an  all electric  wire  stripping machine with a straight pull off. This electric wire stripping machine is easy  and  quick  to  set  up  making  it  ideal  for  both  production  workers and  outworkers  alike.  This  machine  will  give  either  a  full  strip  or partial wire strip option.

  • The CS2000 is a robust bench mounted, hand operated Lever Wire Stripper designed to strip many kinds of extruded insulation including PVC, Polythene, Rubber and Nylon. A large selection of standard blades are available and specific blade sizes can be manufactured to order. A cable length stop and cable rest plus a simple set up procedure ensures accurate...

  • A quick and simple solution to multicore wire stripping suitable for production wire stripping.By a single pull on the handle, precision die blades strip off the outer insulation and secondary blades strip the inner conductors to preset dimensions.The D2 Wire Stripper is effective with PVC, Neoprene, Rubber and comparable insulations

  • KS-W701 Semi-Automatic RotaryCable Stripping Machine:Introducing the New KS-W701 Semi-Automatic Rotary Cable Stripping Machine. This Rotary Cable Stripping Machine is designed to process a wide range of cable insulations up to 45mm Cable Outer Diameter. The operation of the machine is via the supplied foot pedal.

  • The GLW CS 60 Cable Stripping Machine is :- • Simple, intuitive handling• Cross section 0.08 – 6 sqmm• Automatic adjustment of the  clamping force• Compact and portable• Adjustable for both partial orfull stripping• Fast cycle time• V-Blade fitted as standard forall common types of cables

Showing 13 - 18 of 18 items