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  • The cable accumulator KSP 8000 can be used as speed regulator as for example for coil unwinders of the SAR-range (i.e. SAR800, SAR1000, SAR1250).

  • CC-250 is the belt conveyor for long wire processing by CASTUGNON series. When processes long wire length more than around 1m, it hard to deliver a wire in the middle of a processing process. It can process long wire processing smoothly by using Conveyor that chooses the model from CC-120, CC-250 and CC-400 depends on a processing of wire length.

  • The delivery trays of the AL series are automatic, electro-pnaumatic delivery systems, which work in line with cutting and stripping machines.

  • The DE320 Cable Reel Holder and Dispenser is a floor or bench mounted frame forstoring and dispensing reels of cable. It is ideal for warehouse use or as part of adereeling system for cable and wire preparation equipment.

  • This prefeeder will dispense wire to demand so it can operate alongside any other wire processing machinery. TheModel CCB3000 Motorised wire feeder is belt fed so maintenance is easy and trouble free with very low costs for consumables. The drive belts can be changed over with the use of only 2 allen keys which are provided with the unit and takes a...

  • Provides trouble-free feeding to the cutter Increases the productivity of cross cutting machines Simplifies the dereeling of cable coils and cable spools Prevents the cable from twisting and knotting Spring-loaded guide pulleys provide smooth acceleration and braking

  • The coil unwinder SAR was developed as a cable supplier which delivers material from big coils without pulling force. Due to the contact-free-processing sag control, the isolation hose of the material cannot be damaged.

  • The unwinder ARG is designed to unwind hose coils such as corrugated tubes, hydraulic and compressed air tube as well as similar material of up to 30 kg coil weight. The ARG is also applicable for light wire harnesses.

  • The motor-driven unwinders of the ARG30 MF series are mainly designed to unwind hose coils such as corrugated tubes, hydraulic and high press air tubes as well as similar material. The unit is also applicable for light wire harnesses and rubber-profile coils.

  • The motor driven and fully synchronized cable coiler DTW400 has been developed for the in-line production with cutting machines and stripping units.

  • The rotary plate DT1600 AB was especially designed to wind up corrugated tube packed in large units or of long running lengths. It can host octabinal containers with corrugated tube for example. The corrugated tube is guided to the discharge point by guiding nozzles and forwarded to the connected cutting machine. The speed is controlled by a dancer arm,...

  • The unwinder ARG650 S is a compact and powerful unit, designed to unwind coils with a flange diameter of up to 650 mm. Due to the integrated cable storage, wire can be fed – with only a low back pull – into the manufacturing process. If required, the cable storage can additionally be charged with further weights. The large safety door allows a comfortable...

Showing 1 - 12 of 16 items