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  • Full Automatic Double End Crimping Unit A new product has come up in the HX series "High Speed Automatic End Crimping Unit". It makes it possible to process 10,600 wires per hour. (25% more compared to C511HX series) You can use terminals which one under 27mm.  The display has a high level of visibility and a liquid-crystal touch display in 5.7 inch.

  • Full Automatic Double End Crimping UnitThe machine can process 12,000 wires per hour.The machine has "cross roller unit" for eliminating the winding fixture and "crimp force monitor" for quality control  which comes standard.This machine contributes to reducing running cost.

  • Full Automatic Double End Crimping UnitThis machine is equipped  with "belt roller unit" for increased holding power.The speed of cutting and stripping are increased because of three edged blade used.Additionally, the machine has "vacuum unit" installed to vacuum up waste wires.

  • Full Automatic Double End Crimping UnitThis machine is highly efficient, simple and compact.This machine has the ability to crimp with 2.5 tons.The machine has automatic setting function of crimp force and "crimp force monitor" which displays the condition of crimped end in a graphic form on a LCD Screen.We adopt full color 10.4 inch LCD touch panel.

  • This machine is inherited the performance of CASTUGNON C551 and has achieved ultimate cost performance.It includes "Digital Crimper" and "Crimp Force Monitor" as standard equipment.CASTUGNON C511 is main machine of C51X series.High basic performance is same as C551S.

  • Paper winding up unit ROLL.UP.100for separating paper of crimp contact-roll    Papers are precisely wound    mounting on all standard presses    synchronous run    Winding width 60mm (standard); Variant to 150mmWidth of coil:     ROLL.UP.100     up to 2.36“ (60,0 mm)ROLL.UP.150     up to 5.91“ (150 mm)

  • The CSM Cable Stripping Module is manufactured for both the T20 and T25 Crimping machines and can be supplied from new as a stripping and crimping machine or retrofitted to an existing crimping press. This offers accurate, quality cable stripping and crimping with the machine cycle being initiated by the insertion of the cut cable end triggering the...

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items