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  • The Abisofix Enamel Wire Stripper is an all - purposetool capable of removing the enamel insulation from copper wire to facilitate termination, e.g. soldering wire ends of stator and transformer coils. The Abisofix Magnet Stripper stripping head utilises three weighted tungsten carbide blades, the depth of stripping being controlled by a low voltage bench...

  • The Finofix Enamel Wire Stripper is designed for stripping miniature coils and fine magnet/enamel wire. The enamelled wire is introduced from above (or from the front) between the rotary, conical glass fibre wheels, the enamel is then removed from the wire.

  • The Isolex is an electrically driven stripping machine with manual operation for varnished wires. It consists of a motor unit and a knife head. The knife head is equipped with 3 hard metal knives. The knives are closed by rotation (centrifugal force).

  • The PC25 Wire Cutting Machine is a versatile and easy solution for cutting cables, tubing and conduit up to 25mm O.D.The PC25 Pneumatic Guillotine use a pair of round blades to give a square cut to most material types.

  • The Evo Twist (FE-TWX) Wire Twister is an electrically operated unit for the manufacture of twisted cables in pairs, triples etc. Operation is simple by selecting the number of twists per length required on the LED display and inserting the work piece to be twisted into the special clamping assembly.

  • The stripping of stranded wires and the simultaneous twisting is one of the frequent work on thin lines. Our AV.TWIST.15 – machine is specifically designed – it works with rotating blades. Stripping and twisting machine Outer diameter up to 0.18“ (4,5 mm) Stripping length from 0.06“ (1,5 mm) up to 0.60” (15,0 mm)

  • Introducing the new KS-T921 Electric Wire Splicing Machine. This splicing machine provides an advanced method for producing low cost, high reliability connections. The KS-T921 Wire Splicing Machine is able to feed, cut, form and splice which eliminates the need for expensive pre-formed crimps

  • Introducing the new KS - T922 Pneumatic Copper Tape Splicing Machine. This splicing machine provides an advanced method for producing low cost, high reliability connections. The KS-T922 Wire Splicing Machine is able to cut, form and crimp the copper tape in one motion with no wasted material.

  • The DPT50 Digital Crimp Pull Tester can display results in Kg, Lbs or Newton's and has apeak setting for non-destructive testing. The Load Cell is mains or re-chargeable batterypowered. We can now supply the DPT50 Digital Pull Tester (50KG) in a 100KG version asshown above, this pull tester is not a stock item and would have to be built, please contactus...

  • The Push/Pull Ni-Cad Rechargeable Digital Force Gauge is available in 4 force range versions. Upto 2kg, 5kg, 20kg and 50kg. Each unit will display force measured in Kg, Newtons or Lb's which isselectable using the unit key - the display can also be turned upside down by the use of this key -where operators may need to hold the unit upside down.

  • Manual Twisting Machine MINI 160 TWIST CABLES Hand operated cable / material tying machine for cable or similar material bundles The tying lace is made of plastic with a metal core and is automatically fed from a reel by the machine

Showing 13 - 23 of 23 items