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  • The Pawomat SMPL Weatherseal assembly machine is the ultimate bench top solution to high quality and consistent terminated weather seal assembly. The SMPL initiated by the insertion of the cut cable end will insert the weatherseal strip the cable to the correct position and crimp the terminal around both the  cable conductors and weatherseal

  • Kirsten K700 the ALL ELECTRIC solution to cable stripping and crimping machines using the industry standard 40mm stroke applicator. The machine cycle is initiated by the insertion of the cable cut end accommodating very short stripping lengths for close applications.

  • Kirsten PP3 stripping and crimping machines designed for very fine accurate crimping applications. Dedicated crimping tools will accommodate either left handed and rear fed terminals OR right handed and rear fed terminals dependent upon the crimping / stripping press being either a Left or Right handed machine.

  • The Electric Crimping Press ECP1500 is an extremely versatile crimp machine for loose piece terminals. The press has parallel closing jaws with interchangeable Die Sets. .

  • All Electric Cable / Tube cutting machine with processor control. Suitable for Tubes or sleeves which are thin walled or manufactured from soft material which collapse when compressed by the feed rollers.

  • All electric cable / Tube Cutting Machine with microprocessor control. Designed to efficiently cut round cables up to 10 dia. Flat cables up to 120mm wide.

  • The WDT CBL-25 Bench Mounted Pneumatic Crimping Machine designed to accommodate the range of WDT interchangeable Die sets up to 6sqmm copper tube and copper sheet terminals up to 16sqmm. and end terminals up to 50sqmm.

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items