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  • Full Automatic Double End Crimping Unit A new product has come up in the HX series "High Speed Automatic End Crimping Unit". It makes it possible to process 10,600 wires per hour. (25% more compared to C511HX series) You can use terminals which one under 27mm.  The display has a high level of visibility and a liquid-crystal touch display in 5.7 inch.

  • "C300A" IS THE MOST LIGHTWEIGHT MACHINE WHICH HAS COMPACTLY DESIGNED AS THE SERIES MINIMUM ONE.It shows same or more performance than older model "C300".Further it can process more thin wires.The display is manageable, has high level of visibility and a liquid-crystal touch display in 5.7 inch.

  • COMPACT MACHINE shows power even for multi kind and small-lot production"C370A" corresponds to for an extensive range of wire such as AWG#32 to #10.This machine is versatile.

  • ULTRA HIGH SPEED AND ULTRA HIGH POWER !STANDARD WIRE PROCESSING MACHINESThis machine is based on Casting C351 which is the representative machine in the Casting series.KODERA developed this machine with identical ideas using new technology.Its processing speed is twice as fast as the Casting C351.It can use optional parts from Casting C351.

  • This machine is a HIGH GRADE MACHINE, a lot more than expected.KODERA'S original idea and technique have developed a further high grade machine "C373A" which is based on "C353".Wire processing size improves to max 30sq.Wire processing speed improves from 33% to 73% compared to conventional machines."C373A" is much better than you expected. For "FLAT...

  • COMPACT & POWER"C376A" is the compact machine makes it possible to process from 50sq to 0.75sq.It is able to process up to outer diameter 0.17mmCASTING C376A

  • ADVANCED TO BECOME THE MOST POWERFUL MACHINE.Dual 4WD powerful stripping unit is equipped.With that power, it can process the size of max 80sq (φ20mm) which is a surprise in conventional compact machine.

  • POWERFUL AND SMOOTH !BELT FEED HAS EVOLVED THE CASTING.Casting C385A doesn't damage the core wire since stripping is performed with special round blade and cutting of the wire is processed with v-blade all together.Belt feed system has actualized the flexible process.Because it can grasp the face of the cable whose surface is unless, which is covered by...

  • CC-250 is the belt conveyor for long wire processing by CASTUGNON series. When processes long wire length more than around 1m, it hard to deliver a wire in the middle of a processing process. It can process long wire processing smoothly by using Conveyor that chooses the model from CC-120, CC-250 and CC-400 depends on a processing of wire length.

  • This machine is inherited the performance of CASTUGNON C551 and has achieved ultimate cost performance.It includes "Digital Crimper" and "Crimp Force Monitor" as standard equipment.CASTUGNON C511 is main machine of C51X series.High basic performance is same as C551S.

  • Full Automatic Double End Crimping UnitThis machine is highly efficient, simple and compact.This machine has the ability to crimp with 2.5 tons.The machine has automatic setting function of crimp force and "crimp force monitor" which displays the condition of crimped end in a graphic form on a LCD Screen.We adopt full color 10.4 inch LCD touch panel.

  • Full Automatic Double End Crimping Unit and Double End Seal Insertion UnitThis machine can insert seals into both sides of the wires.You can convert the function with a switch on the operation panel when you don't process seal wires.The machine has automatic setting function of crimp force and "crimp force monitor"

Showing 1 - 12 of 13 items