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The first wire stripping machines worked pneumatically. This had and still has a lot of advantages. Apart from low operating and production costs, pneumatically driven machines can generate considerable forces, so that thicker lines with very hard insulating layers can be stripped.
In addition, pneumatic wire stripping machines are very flexible. They can be easily adapted to new working tasks.


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Our pneumatic stripping machines are characterized by:
    industrial-strength and durable construction
    high flexibility
    easy handling
    universal application
    low price, low operating costs
    profitable even at low production figures
    low-maintenance and safe operation

Outer diameter     up to 0.20“ (5,0 mm)
Flat cable     up to 0.32“ (8,0 mm) width
Stripping length     0.06″ (1,5mm) up to 0.6“ (15,0 mm)
Partial stroke     from 0.04 (1,0 mm) up to 0.6“ (15,0 mm)


Special Characteristics:

    extremely short stranded wire ends can be processed
    exact parallel guide of the blades heads
    putting in the cable from above
    blade change lightning fast
    sensor release of the stripping process
    self – centering clamping jaws
    air blow – out (to avoid insulation rests)
    pressing power of the clamping jaws self-regulating