About us


24 Jervis Avenue


West Sussex

BN16 2AR

Tel: 07768 361444 / 01903 419553


Crimptech National Ltd. Trading as Cableprep is an established company based in West Sussex specialising in the supply of suitable Cable Processing Equipment to meet customer requirements.

Having been in the industry in excess of forty years, beginning as a customer as Chief Production Engineer of a large, highly productive manufacturing company, has led to a real level of experience and understanding of customer's needs often resulting in machine modification to achieve them.

Agencies Include

  • Castings Corporation
  • Ulmer Gmbh
  • Nuova Gamma  
  • Rittmeyer GmbH

We have considerable expertise in our product range as follows


Terminal Crimping Equipment

  • Terminal Crimping Machines
  • Cable Strip and Crimping Machines
  • Terminal Crimping Tools / Miniapplicators
  • Automatic Cutting, Stripping and Terminating Machines
  • Automatic Cutting Stripping, Terminating and Twist / Tinning Machines
  • Automatic Cutting, Stripping, Terminating and Weatherseal Assembly Machines
  • Crimp Load Monitoring Systems
  • Crimp Tensile Testing Equipment

Cable Preparation Equipment

  • Cable Stripping Machines
  • Cable / Tube Cut To Length Machines
  • Cable Cut To Length and Stripping Machines
  • Cut To Length and Coaxial Cable Stripping Machines
  • Cable Dereeling and Prefeeding Systems
  • Cable Harness Testing Equipment
  • Cable / Marking Systems
  • IDC Insertion Machines
  • Tape Wrapping