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DPT50 Evo Digital Crimp Pull Tester:


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The DPT50 Digital Crimp Pull Tester can display results in Kg, Lbs or Newton's and has a
peak setting for non-destructive testing. The Load Cell is mains or re-chargeable battery
powered. We can now supply the DPT50 Digital Pull Tester (50KG) in a 100KG version as
shown above, this pull tester is not a stock item and would have to be built, please contact
us regarding lead time.

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Suggested Pull-Off Data for Crimps:
Please confirm with your customer the correct pull-off data for each crimp & terminal. DO
NOT use this data – this data is only a guide.
Conductor Size Minimum Pull-Off
CSA mm²       Strands/CSA       Kg       Newtons
0.22                    7/0.2                   3.0          30
0.50                  16/0.2                  7.0          70
0.75                 24/0.2                  10.0        100
1.00                 32/0.2                  14.0        140
1.50                 30/0.25                21.0        210
2.50                 50/0.25                28.0        280
4.00                 7/0.85                  51.0        510
6.00                 84/0.3                  60.0        600
10.00             84/0.4                   100.0      1000
DPT50 Manual Load Cell Crimp Pull Tester Technical Data:
Dimensions: 100 x 480 x 140mm (245mm Inc Handle)
Standard Crimp Profile Slots: 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5mm (Specials available on request)
Weight: 3.2Kgs
Warranty: 12 Months