Collapsible Cable Coilers:

Collapsible Cable Coilers:

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This range of coilers is ideal for reeling into hanks cable or tubing from reels, loose fed or from a
cutting machine or via the 1420 Measuring Meter.

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The cable is attached to the unit in a 'clip-in' mechanism, reeled on via the handle and can then be taped or tie wrapped before collapsing down the front of the coiler to remove the neatly coiled hank of material with a fixed internal diameter of either 200, 300 or 400mm.

3 Versions are available:
Model 200 - 200mm (8") Fixed Core Size
Model 99 - 300mm (12") Fixed Core Size
Model 10 - 400mm (16") Fixed Core Size
Select the correct model for your own needs from the table below:
Typical Material Capacities of each Collapsible Cable Coiler:
Model 6mm OD Material 12mm OD Material 19mm OD Material 25mm OD Material
10 – Large 1200m 300m 140m 70m
99 – Standard 550m 100m 65m -
200 – Small 140m 30m - -
Collapsible Cable Coilers Technical Data:
Weight of Large Coiler: 13Kgs
Weight of Standard Coiler: 9.5Kgs
Wight of Small Coiler: 3.6Kgs
Warranty: 12 Months