Crimp Cradle Evo Force Reduction Tool:

Crimp Cradle

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The Crimp Cradle uses a highly efficient tooling set which provides a mechanical advantage, when hand
crimping of approximately 10 to 1. If a hand tool requires 20Kg of operating force the Crimp Cradle will
require only 2Kg to perform the same operation.

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Clamps in the base of the unit, in conjunction with two
roller bar tool holders, can be raised, lowered or rotated to accommodate 90% of all hand crimp tools
available. This includes both single and double arm movement tools. A single adjustable clamping
mechanism attaches to the upper handle of the crimp tool.

Benefits of the Crimp Cradle Force Reduction Tool:

Features of the Crimp Cradle Force Reduction Tool:
◦ Can double the output of hand crimping operations due to less handling and shorter cycle times.
◦ Safe, fast, one hand operation.
◦ Reduces fatigue due to 90% less effort.

◦ Manual Operation, no power or compressed air required.
◦ Greatly reduces risk of Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI).
◦ Portable, easily bench mounted by clamps or can be bolted down for permanent sitting.
◦ Squeeze force judgement is eliminated as tool reaches a positive stop position at the end of each operation cycle.
◦ Quick and easy to set up and adjust.
◦ Reduces rejects due to insertion difficulties when compared to conventional hand use.
◦ Hand tool calibration unaffected.
◦ Safer than many small bench pneumatic tools and a fraction of the cost.
◦ The crimp cradle will accept hand tools with an open span between handles of up to 305mm (12”)
Crimp Cradle Force Reduction Frame Technical Data:
Weight: 2.5Kgs