KS - T922 Pneumatic Copper Tape Splicing Machine:

KS - T922

New product

Introducing the new KS - T922 Pneumatic Copper Tape Splicing Machine. This
splicing machine provides an advanced method for producing low cost, high reliability connections.

The KS-T922 Wire Splicing Machine is able to cut, form and crimp the copper tape in one motion with no wasted material.

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Connecting Neon and Resistor, Crimping Wire Harness, Splicing Slide Switch and
Wire, Crimping High Temperature Heating Material and Splicing Thermo - sensitive Components

KS-T922 Pneumatic Copper Tape Splicing Machine Technical Data:
Crimping Force: 15KN
Output: 250 Pcs/Min
Power Rating: 0.55KW
Power Supply: AC220v/110v 50/60Hz
Stroke: 23mm
Air Pressure: 0.5
Suitable Copper Tape Width: 2, 4 & 6mm
Feed Type: Pneumatic
Weight: 50Kgs
Dimensions: 300 x 350
x 580mm